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        Sunday                         August 28, 2016                        Morning Edition                       2,138,159  Unique Visitors                    522.29  Million Hits

     Oil Futures                                               WTI   $47.64      Brent                                                                  $49.92

     Gasoline                                                               $1.51

      Baltic Dry Shipping Index                              720.00
      Natural Gas                                                         $2.87

       Dollar Index                                                        95.56

      Consumer Confidence                                       97.3
Letters to Ed

Hi Edward,
As 2016 starts, I want to again thank you for your extremely valuable work sorting through all the fluff and posting so many vitally important articles each and every day. It’s the first thing I read every morning before opening up my NYTs or Washington Post or going to any other website.

C. W.


After a long week of listening to Conservative talk shows, it is nice to hear your thoughts of conviction. Your voice usually reels me back a little where I can actually function with next week chores. Thank you for your years of dedication, Ed. And of course, the Backside of American History is equal, if not better, in all aspects, to Paul Harvey's Show.


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Good Thing Southwest 737s Fly on One Engine


Sears Workers: Why The Company is Failing

Business Insider

EpiPens Were Developed by the Military

Business Insider

Could Mosul Liberation Lease to Mass Exodus?

British Guardian

Maine Newspaper Apologizes for Its Governor

Talking Points Memo

The Worst Stings in the World

Business Insider

Mariah Carey's Sister Arrested for Prostitution

San Jose Mercury News

Auto Title Companies Sue Texas DMW

Texas Tribune

Romo Out With Broken Bone in Back

British Guardian

Trump Wants to Track Illegal Immigrants


Youngstown: Is Trump Our Blue Collar Hero?

New York Times

Italy: Earthquake Death Toll Rises to 281

Associated Press

Court Passed on Appeal of Wisconsin Voter ID


When Poll Watching Crosses the Line


How to Get a Cheaper EpiPen Alternative

Yahoo News

Wolfowitz: I'm Probably with Hillary

Der Spiegel

Takata's Road to a Deadly Crisis

New York Times

GDP Only Grew 1.1 Percent in 2Q

Yahoo Finance

French Court Overturns Burkini Ban

USA Today

Poll: Most Oppose Building Wall on Border

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Bernie's New Political Group in Open Revolt

New York Times

Clinton Hits New Roadblocks in Campaign

The Hill

This Might be the End of ITT Tech

Washington Post

Elon Musk into Amber Heard for Some Time

Texas Monthly

TX: GOP Removes Travis County Chairman

Texas Tribune

NYC: No Vacancies for Blacks

New York Times

2019 VW EV to Get 300 Miles of Range

Slash Gear

Milbank: The Singular Danger of Trump

Salt Lake Tribune

Study: Contamination Around Frack Sites

Trump: There's a War on American Farmers

Associated Press

Judge Upholds Law for Required Vaccinations

San Francisco Chronicle

SOS In Sand Leads to Rescue of Sailors

Toronto Star

VW to Lower Pricing in US to Boost Sales

Detroit News

49er's Kaepernick Sits Out National Anthem

British Guardian

Chrysler Sees Samsung as Potential Partner


Will Driverless Car Make Morality Choices?

c/net (Sa)

Maine Governor Goes Nut on Legislator

New York Post

US Wants Lower Speed Limits on Trucks, Buses

Associated Press

How Many Cases of Zika at the Olympics? 0


Judge Blocks N. Carolina's Anti-LGBTQ Law


Fox News 400 Page File on Gabriel Sherman


Steve Bannon Moves FL. Voter Registration

British Guardian

Top Republicans Who Won't Endorse Trump


Taxpayers Built Golf Course, but Not Benefits

Washington Post

World Trade Falls 2 Quarters in a Row

Wolf Street (F)

US Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Vessel


McConnell: TPP Deal Won't Get Vote in Senate


VW to Pay Its Dealers $1.2 Billion

Motor Trend

UT: Fighting Absurdity with Absurdity

Texas Monthly

Sears Puts Up Kenmore, Craftsman for Sale

Yahoo Finance

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