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Letters to Ed

I use the Backside of American History segments as assignments with my college students (Sociology and Criminal Justice) as critical thinking papers covering all aspects of who and what we are.
Many of the values you express on your program, fundamental fairness, equality, and respect for others are still necessary ideals for determining our future, keep up the good work.


Columbia College Ft. Worth

By the way really like your program. I am 49 and always liked to listen to Paul Harvey. Your news stories, second hand news and history rank right there with him.

I read your website every morning like I used to read the daily paper but with a much broader scope.


I wanted you to know that I find your web site and radio show news more in-depth, concise, accurate and useful than the minute-by-minute fire hose flow of idiocy that flows from the major and local news outlets.


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2015 Healthcare Renewals May Backfire

Detroit News

ISIS Destroys Historic Mosque in Mosul

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Filipino Extremists Kill 18 Villagers

USA Today

TX: Look What the Tide Dragged In

Texas Monthly

UK: Reform Welfare? We've Lost the Plot

British Guardian

Tx. Politics: Violent, Awkward Regime Change

Texas Tribune

5 Industries Worried About Peak Oil

Oil Price

Akerson: We All Missed Problems in GM Crisis

Detroit News

Galloway: Jones Destroyed the Cowboys. Period

Fort Worth Star Telegram

8 Worst Companies for Customer Service

Business Insider

RadioShack Not Compliant with NYSE


Russian Oil May be Facing Bear Market

British Guardian

Consumers: Loads of Cash in Checking Accounts

Philadelphia Inquirer

Israel Resumes Gaza Operations

British Guardian

Average Household Now Worth a Third Less

New York Times

TX: "A" on Executive Order Transparency

Texas Tribune

Zimmerman Tries to Revive NBC Libel Suit


How to Stop US Companies From Tax Defections

Washington Post

13 Mindblowing Facts About Texas

Business Insider

Israel and Hamas Begin 12 Hour Truce


WH Aide: Obama Could be Impeached

USA Today

FBI Wraps up Probe of Fired Ford Engineer

Detroit News

GM May Put Brazilian Workers on Paid Leave


Homeowner Kills Pregnant Burglar


Carjackers Drive Into Crowd, 3 Kids Dead

USA Today

Study: Dinosaurs May Have All Had Feathers

The Wire

Stocks Lower on Consumer Worries

Seattle Times

Hillary: Putin is Both Arrogant and Charming


Daniel Radcliffe Refused Entry to US Over Visa

British Telegraph

Derivatives Regulator Prepares for Lawsuits


US: Russia Fired Rockets into Ukraine

Detroit News

Death Toll Mounts in Ukraine


NSA: Less Need for Snowden Deal


EU Agrees to Russian Sanctions

Fiscal Times

Williston ND: America's New Gold Rush City

British Guardian

CA: Lighting Strikes 14 on Venice Beach

San Jose Mercury News

Financial Health: Four Critical Numbers


Ex-Clinton Aide: We Just Sold Out to Wall St.


Central Banks and the Fate of Workers

Reuters (Su)

Depth of Gaza Devastation Becomes Clear

Washington Post

Judge Strikes Down DC Ban on Handguns


Israeli Arabs Caught in the Middle of Gaza War

Independent Mail

US Evacuates Tripoli Embassy

British Guardian

Africa: Ft. Worth Doctor Test Positive for Ebola


EPA is MIA on Tx. Fracking Air Pollution

Center for Public Integrity (Sa)

Towering Dust Storm Smothers Phoenix

NBC News

New Car Sales Higher Than Forecasts

Detroit News

US Corporations Shrinking Tax Burden


How US Terrorism Watchlists Work

British Guardian

Migrant Kids w/o Claims to be Sent Home


When Your Grocery Store Shelves are Empty

Fortune (F)

Is It Safe to Kiss Your Dog?

Fox 21

John Wiley Price Arrested for Bribes


Bose Sues Beats Over Patent Infringement

Business Insider

Orders for Durable Goods Rise Slightly

Philadelphia Inquirer

Israel Rejects Truce as It Stands


Exxon Eyes Expanding Texas Refinery


Obama to Sign Cell Phone Unlocking Bill


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