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     Oil Futures                                                    WTI   $51.46      Brent                                                                  $54.35

     Gasoline                                                                    $1.55

      Baltic Dry Shipping Index                              952.00
      Natural Gas                                                         $3.34

       Dollar Index                                                           101.12

      Consumer Confidence                                     113.7
Letters to Ed

Thanks for ALL the time and work you do to put news information together each day. Your news helps me to know what's really going on in our wonderful world.



I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I appreciate and enjoy your news page. It contains a wide variety of stories that deal with important issues. Also, unlike many major news organizations, it provides an unfiltered and wide breadth of view points. It is the first thing I read in the morning and throughout the the day. Thanks for providing this unbiased and centered source for critical news of the day.

Best Regards,

Hi Edward,
As 2016 starts, I want to again thank you for your extremely valuable work sorting through all the fluff and posting so many vitally important articles each and every day. It’s the first thing I read every morning before opening up my NYTs or Washington Post or going to any other website.

C. W.


After a long week of listening to Conservative talk shows, it is nice to hear your thoughts of conviction. Your voice usually reels me back a little where I can actually function with next week chores. Thank you for your years of dedication, Ed. And of course, the Backside of American History is equal, if not better, in all aspects, to Paul Harvey's Show.


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Tx. Abortion Law: 50% Drop in Some Counties

British Guardian

Technically He's Getting Ready for Day 2


The Death of the British Dream

Vanity Fair

The Emerging Democratic Resistance

The New Yorker

Kawasaki Drops Ads on Celebrity Apprentice


KanCare Denied for Violation of Federal Law

Topeka Capital Journal

Trump National Security Team MIA

Foreign Policy

Senate Approves Pentagon Pick


Death Toll in Mali Suicide Blast Hits 60

Talking Points Memo

Lying at a Confirmation Hearing

The Intercept

Lagarde Warns England of Coming Brexit Pain


Unfunded Pensions Almost Sank Houston


Lawmaker Aide Made Up Clinton Votes Story

Washington Post

Ross: NAFTA Talks Will be Wide Open

Globe and Mail

IN: Police to Shut Down Protests by Any Means

British Guardian

WBAP's Hal Jay's Son Killed in Car Crash

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Yellen: US Close to Full Employment


How GM's Lawyers Failed in Their Duties

New York Times

George and Barbara Bush in Hospital

Houston Chronicle

Ross: Changing NAFTA is Job One


World Temperatures Hit New Record High


China Cancels Ethanol Imports

Wisconsin Ag Connection

OK: Did Pruitt Help Citizens on Earthquakes?

The Atlantic

White America Quietly Self-Segregating


The Roots of DeVos' Education Platform

The Atlantic

Nigerian Military Bombs Survivors' Camp

Washington Post

DeVos Hearing Erupts into Partisan Debate

New York Times

DeVos' Mercenary Brother Advising Trump

The Intercept

Central Italy Rocked by 3 Earthquakes

Euro News

Maine's Governor's Erroneous History Lesson

ABC News

Trump Not the First to Distrust Intel Agencies

Christian Science Monitor

TX: Little Elm Detective Killed in Standoff

International Business Times

Trump: Low Approval Ratings are Rigged


Amazon Patents Highway for Self Driving Cars


Can't Answer Basic Question on Ed Policy


Ford: Most Cars Electrified in 15 Years

San Francisco Chronicle

The Dark Side of American Optimism

The Atlantic

$100M Development for AT&T Dallas

Dallas Business Journal

Banks Put Hard Brexit Plans into Action


What Will Happen After Obamacare?

International Business Times

Budget Nominee Didn't Pay Taxes on Worker

New York Times

His Deepest Fear? He's Not Legitimate


Trump's PR Win Against Automakers ... but


Street Poll: Do You Prefer Obamacare or ACA?

Hollywood Reporter

America's Dark Days Ahead

Daily Beast

Dallas Morning News Questions Business Model

Dallas Observer

Washington's Real Swamp That Was Drained

The New Yorker

Cabinet Nominees' Growing Ethics Questions

Washington Post

TX: Panel Calls for End of Field Drug Testing


Trumponomics: Winners and Losers


Panasonic Wants More from Tesla Partnership


McCartney Sues to Get Beatles Songs Back

British Guardian

UK PM Blind to Reality on Brexit Demands

Der Spiegel

CIA Unveils New Rules for Spying on Us

Yahoo News

Italy: 30 Missing as Avalanche Buries Hotel

USA Today

CEO Euphoria Over Trump Becomes Caution


The Crisis in the Arctic


CIA Files Released: Are Aliens Real?

International Business Times

FactChecking Trump on Today Show Ratings

Hollywood Reporter

Trump's Job Claims Don't Always Add Up


Trump Advisor Explains Economic Problems

Business Insider

Haley to Blast UN Over Israel Vote

Reuters (W)

Uber Sues Seattle Over Union Rules for Drivers

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Red Light Camera Crashes Are Up


$25 Trillion Need for Future Oil Demand

Oil Price

Driverless Cars: Who Lives or Dies?

Associated Press

The Worst Movies of All Time

Houston Chronicle

Can Scientists Reduce the Effects of Aging?


Tarrant: America's Reddest Urban County

Texas Tribune

The Story of the Libor Scandal

British Guardian

President Bush Hospitalized in Houston

USA Today

Public Wants Strong Environmental Protector


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