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Letters to Ed


After a long week of listening to Conservative talk shows, it is nice to hear your thoughts of conviction. Your voice usually reels me back a little where I can actually function with next week chores. Thank you for your years of dedication, Ed. And of course, the Backside of American History is equal, if not better, in all aspects, to Paul Harvey's Show.



Thank you for your very interesting, articulate and insightful articles.

You have not only educated me on many historical facts, you have helped clarify many questions I have had and brought to light many thoughts I have had over the past decade or so. Let's just hope that somehow out of all the readers of your articles, there are a few that will make the bold move to bring jobs and prosperity back to our cities in an honest way.

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Now Anger Over New Atlantic Trade Deal

British Independent

Shale Firms Snap Up $50 Hedges

Eagle Ford Texas

Our New World: Shooting a 12 Year Old is OK


Rebel Flag Fans Crash Black Kid's Party

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Now They Want to Pack Weapons at Texas Zoos

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Paul Ryan: Once Too Far Right, Now Far Left

New York Times

New MS Drug May be Game Changer

Next Digit

Pension Overpayment: I Owe $67,000


Hawking: Technology Made Inequality Worse


Cop Grabs Kid by Throat, Tosses Him to Ground


Carolina Town Plagued by Old Contamination


Carson Doubles Down on Jews with Guns


Protesters Decry Islam at Phoenix Mosque

British Guardian

10 Things the Gun Industry Won't Tell You


Taxpayer Supported Firms Don't Pay Workers

News & Observer

Why Do We Even Celebrate Columbus Day?

National Geographic

Qatar: Oil Prices Have Bottomed Out


Fed May Deploy Negative Rates in Next Crisis


Benghazi Investigator: It's Only About Clinton

British Guardian

Randy Quaid Detained Sneaking into Vermont

USA Today

GOP Happy with Blocking Clean Water Rules

Christian Science Monitor

Patron Shoots Waffle House Robber

Post and Courier

VW Execs Describe Authoritarian Rule

British Guardian

Oklahoma Earthquake Caused by Fracking

British Guardian

Obama Should Let Putin Fail in Syria

Fiscal Times

Massive El Nino Now Too Big to Fail

Los Angeles Times

DuPont Found Liable in Teflon Toxin Trial

The Intercept

Dish Network Infuriates Subscribers Again

International Business Times

Drug Price That Jumped 5,000% Still There


Carson Compares Media to Used Car Salesmen


When Robot Cars Meet Human Drivers

The Atlantic

27 Cosby Accusers on One NBC Program

USA Today

Two College Shootings in One Day

Los Angeles Times

Carson Doubles Down on WWII Jews w/ Guns

Washington Post

Student Charged in Arizona U. Shooting


Was Ben Carson Really Held at Gunpoint?

Daily Beast

Ethanol Lobby Threatens Biden in Iowa


Mergers: Beginning of the End?

New York Times

Dell Buys EMC in $67bn Merger

Houston Chronicle

Playboy to Stop Publishing Nude Photographs

British Guardian

Yoko Talks Lennon's Killer, His Bisexuality

Daily Beast

Massive $104bn Beer Brewer Merger

International Business Times

Iran Parliament Approves Nuclear Deal


VW Diesel Repairs Will Vary in US and EU

New York Times

BofA: Inequality to Drive Massive Policy Shift


IEA Can't Get Wind and Solar Power Right


How Coke Tricked Everyone into Drinking It

Washington Post

Memphis Police Officer Killed in Driveway

Daily News

ISIS Fighters Killed in Airstrike


EU Bank Chief Could Recall VW Loans


Ford to Invest $1.8bn in China R&D


Southwest: Flying Today? Better Plan Ahead

Associated Press

Man Shot After Cowboys Game in Parking Lot

Dallas Morning News

Chart: Mass Incarcerations Since 1880


Clinton Drops 10 Points in 7 Days

The Hill (Su)

US To Pay Airstrike Victims Families


Hospital Bombing Story Still Incomplete

Washington Post

New Era Starting for Supersonic Air Travel

British Guardian

Report: Reasonable Force in Killing Tamir

USA Today

US Army Officer: No Jail Time for Bergdahl


The House Speaker Drama Should Scare You

ABC News

4 More Automakers Join Diesel Emissions Scam

British Guardian (Sa)

Ex-Im Bank Backers Vote House Vote

The Hill

Tunisia Tourism Struggles After Attack

Der Spiegel

Court Blocks EPA Clean Water Rule

Texas Tribune

House Votes to End Oil Export Ban

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Study Links Fracking and Premature Births

International Business Times

Protesters Greet Obama in Oregon

British Guardian

G20 Agrees to Fight Corporate Tax Avoidance


Remembering John Lennon in His Quotes

Business Insider

US Ends Syria Rebel Training Program


CEO Apologizes Worse Than Volkswagen's


TX: 1 Dead in Third University Shooting


Judge Berates a Female Abuse Victim

Daily Beast

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