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Letters to Ed

I use the Backside of American History segments as assignments with my college students (Sociology and Criminal Justice) as critical thinking papers covering all aspects of who and what we are.
Many of the values you express on your program, fundamental fairness, equality, and respect for others are still necessary ideals for determining our future, keep up the good work.


Columbia College Ft. Worth

By the way really like your program. I am 49 and always liked to listen to Paul Harvey. Your news stories, second hand news and history rank right there with him.

I read your website every morning like I used to read the daily paper but with a much broader scope.


I wanted you to know that I find your web site and radio show news more in-depth, concise, accurate and useful than the minute-by-minute fire hose flow of idiocy that flows from the major and local news outlets.


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Bill Clinton: Netanyahu Won't Make Peace


OPEC Likely to Lower Output Target

Business Insider

Tim Cook: Gov't Overreach on Personal Data

Business Insider

House Blasts NHTSA on GM Ignition Defect

Detroit News

Iraqis Reject Picks for Interior and Defense

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Thousands Without Power in Pacific Palisades

Los Angeles Times

Claim: Clinton Allies Scrubbed Benghazi Docs

Fox News

How Fair is the Tax System in Your State?

Fiscal Times

Mitsubishi to Invest $600M in Indonesia Plant

Business Insider

Russian Bombers Probing US Defenses


Keystone's Cost in S. Dakota Doubles


Obama Targets Popular Coolant Over Climate

Washington Post

Lindsey Graham's ISIS Rant

Fiscal Times

Liam Neeson: US Needs Gun Control Laws


How the Super Rich Got Richer

British Guardian

Past Lessons for Future Smart Cars

New York Times

3,000 US Troops Assigned to Ebola Zone

British Guardian

CalPERS Has Has It with Hedge Funds


Drillers, Not Fracking Ties to Tainted Water

Texas Tribune

Apple Makes It Easier to Delete U2 Album

British Guardian

Are These the World's Best Electric Vehicles?


US Manufacturing Output Dipped in August


Iran Declines to Join Anti-ISIS Coalition


Like Texas, ISIS Has New School Curriculum

Associated Press

25 Cities with Highest Auto Industry Rates

USA Today

What If There's No Rain for Decades?

British Independent

Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches Record Levels


Worst Fastest Growing Jobs in America


Will New Technology Devastate Auto Industry?

Detroit News

Arab States Willing to Do Air Strikes on ISIS

Washington Post

Hurricane Slams into Cabo San Lucas

NBC News

Miss New York Wins Miss America Crown

NBC News

NHTSA Slow to Respond to Auto Defects

New York Times

Air France Pilots on Strike, Airports Quiet

New York Times

Lufthansa Pilots to Strike on Tuesday


Apple iOS8 Available Wednesday


Uber Ban in Germany Lifted

New York Times

OECD: Coordinated Fight for Corporate Taxes

New York Times

Trump Plaza Casino Closed in Atlantic City


Irony: Labor Now Fights for Longer Workweek


Opel to Cut Russian Production on Slowdown


Labor Board Orders CNN to Rehire Workers

The Sentinel

Toledo to Buy Land, May Help Chrysler Grow

Toledo Blade

If Scotland Says Aye, What Happens Next?


US Refinery Margins Down 6.7% Last Week


Egypt Raises $8.5bn for Suez Canal Expansion

Seattle Post Intelligencer

Tesla's Shares Fall 9% on Morgan Stanley Call

Financial Post

Hyundai to Build Two New Plants in China


Extreme Tax Cuts Blow Back on Brownback


FBI Completes Facial Recognition Software


Trying to Breath Life into Allentown

The Atlantic

Radisson Drops Vikings Over Peterson Case


Texas Schools Now Getting Military Gear

Texas Tribune

CPS to Mother: Don't Let Kids Play Outside


US Might Work with Iran Against ISIS

Associated Press (M)

Apple's U2 Promotion Backfires


RadioShack's CFO Bails Company


Kiwi Air CEO: MH370 Pilot Turned Off Oxygen

Daily Mail

GM to Pay for 19 Ignition Deaths

British Guardian

Texas Highway Debt: $23 Billion

Fort Worth Star Telegram

Working and Retired Changes Social Security

USA Today

Adam Sandler Clueless on Why SNL Fired Him

Vanity Fair

Queen Cautions Scots on Independence

USA Today

Ex-Ford CEO Won't Run for President?

Detroit News

Dissolving Stent Has Lower Angina Rates


States with the Highest Deaths on the Job

Wall Street 24/7

Wages of Millions Seized for Past Debts


Zombie Homes Haunt Florida Neighborhoods

Center for Public Integrity

Texas Schoolbooks Biased and Politicized

Washington Post

Nissan Faces Battery Plant Cuts


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